💲Buy/Sell ERC-314 token

Getting ERC-314 Tokens: The Basics

Want to buy ERC-314 tokens? It's straightforward:

  1. Send your ETH to our contract address.

  2. The contract automatically calculates and sends back the equivalent amount in ERC-314 tokens to your wallet.

Selling is just as easy. Follow the same process in reverse, and the contract will handle the conversion from ERC-314 tokens back to ETH. Plus, we've made things even easier with our integrated swap feature in our decentralized application (dApp), offering a traditional swap/dex interface for a seamless process.

1) Buy/Sell with Our Integrated Swap

Buying or selling through our dApp couldn't be simpler:

  • Visit our dApp and connect your wallet using the button at the top right.

  • Look for the swap area to the right of the chart. It's designed to be as intuitive as any swap platform you've used before, making the process user-friendly for everyone.

  • To sell, just click the swap arrow between the ETH and token fields. This lets you exchange your tokens for ETH effortlessly.

2) Directly Buy/Sell by Sending ETH/TOKEN (Dive Deeper into Tech)

For those who like a bit more of a technical challenge, you can directly send ETH to the contract. If MetaMask warns you, just click "I understand" and proceed with the transaction.

This method offers a hands-on approach to interact directly with our smart contract, perfect for those who appreciate the technical side of things.

How to Manage Your ERC-314 Tokens in your wallet: A Step-by-Step Guide

After you've sent your ETH, here's how to make your new ERC-314 tokens show up in your wallet, just like they would after a traditional swap on Uniswap or other decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Plus, you'll find this method approximately 4-5 times cheaper than a typical swap, costing only twice as much as a regular ETH transfer.

Adding Your New Tokens to Your Wallet

  1. Copy and paste our contract address into the "Import Token" section of your wallet.

  2. Also add our token's ticker if it's not automatically detected.

  3. Add the token to see it displayed in your wallet. You should now see your $SIMP tokens as if you completed a standard swap on a DEX.

Selling Your Tokens

To sell, simply reverse the process:

  • Instead of sending ETH to the contract, send the amount of $SIMP tokens you wish to sell.

  • You'll receive ETH directly back into your wallet, just like that.

Additional things:

  1. Bot Transactions:

You can use bots like Banana/Maestro to send ETH/Token to the contract. However, keep in mind that it won't display the trade monitor.

  1. Trading Without Connecting Your Wallet:

If you prefer not to connect your wallet to our dApp for trading, you can still check your tokens' value. Visit the Etherscan token page and use the specified function (XXXXXX) on the contract, or simply calculate the value by multiplying the number of tokens you have by the price indicated on the chart. The price impact mirrors that of transactions on Uniswap or other DEXs.

  1. Price Impact: The price impact of trading ERC-314 tokens is the same as you'd experience with a typical ERC-20 token swap.

This process ensures you can buy and sell ERC-314 tokens efficiently, enjoying lower transaction costs while managing your investments directly from your wallet.

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